If you are interested in knowing more about how to choose the best CBD, there are important things you need to know. It’s NOT the same as buying a gallon of milk or a McDonald’s hamburger, which are monitored by US Department of Agriculture. There is currently NO FEDERAL OVERSIGHT of hemp farms or CBD quality or claims.

So educating yourself about the CBD you are considering buying is critical, and not just for your pets, but for your personal use as well.



    1. Know Where The Biomass Comes From. There are tons of harvested hemp, called Biomass, being grown in many US states and imported from around the world, including China. The hemp biomass is what’s used to create the CBD oil. I don’t know about you, but I would never feed my pet anything produced in China! In fact, there is almost no way to know where the biomass comes from. You should find out before you buy any CBD oil!
    2. Demand Product Consistency. Unless the company grows their own biomass, they buy it from many different suppliers, potentially from many different states and countries.  The product will be inconsistent. The bottle you buy today, will not be chemically identical to the bottle you buy next month.
    3. Read The Label But Don’t Expect The Truth. Many news outlets and our own research is quite disheartening, as the labeling often doesn’t match the ingredients. See their lab reports from reputable testing labs and learn some basic words to look for in the lab reports.
    4. Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil. Yes, CBD is made from hemp, but not all hemp oil contains CBD. Yep, true. Amazon will not let you sell CBD oil on their platform, but you can sell hemp oil. Facebook won’t let you advertise CBD oil, but you can promote hemp oil. Why? because there’s a very good chance that the hemp oil you buy is actually made from hemp seeds, not the plant, and hemp seeds contain NO CBD at all. You may think you’re buying CBD, but there’s a very, very good chance you’re not.
    5. Pesticides, Toxins And Heavy Metals. Hemp grown outside on land previously farmed contains toxins and metals (from fertilizer) and pesticides in the soil that are taken in by the roots of the plants. These follow the plant right into the oil. Yes, the processing takes out most, in fact, almost all, of the toxins and metals but there WILL be traces of both in the oil you buy if it was grown outside. It’s too expensive to actually take it all out. Our hemps is grown indoors, using no nutrients that contain metals or toxins, and we use no pesticides, so our oil is pure from the beginning to the end.
    6. A Few Simple Things To Look For. There are a couple of keywords you should look for and know how to pick the best product. And again, don’t trust the labels – look for the lab reports and do your homework!
      1. Full Spectrum: Full spectrum oil uses the complete plant and contains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and other ingredients you are looking for. This is by far a much better solution for your overall personal and pet health.
      2. Isolate: Isolate is a chemical transformation of the oil to select only the CBD molecule. All of the currently available research says this is NOT an effective CBD product. It’s cheap to make, and therefore ends up in a lot of products for the uneducated consumer.
      3. THC: THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, the ingredient in cannabis that “makes you high.” But hold on a minute! Research has proven that a small trace, the federally LEGAL amount  of THC (0.3%) is extremely important to activate all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil. And that little will not make you or your pet high! If the product label says “contains NO THC” it might sound good, but in fact it’s not.

Our indoor farm allows for full management and control of the hemp plant, eliminating the risk of natural hazards, pesticides, toxins and heavy metals; thus creating an all-around better, high potency product.

Outdoor growing risks have not been properly evaluated with regards to ensuring a consistent and quality supply for human and medical use. CBD wholesalers and retailers have large risks, and therefore obligations, to ensuring quality raw materials that are free from molds, aphids, heavy metals and pesticides should be of the utmost importance.

The inherent risk of infected crops for all of these health risks should be driving growers indoors. As consumers become educated about CBD sourcing and the various governmental organizations begin setting purity rules, the move to mitigate these risks will be paramount.

We have total control over the hemp we grow. From nutrients to the sunrise/sunset ability of our lighting systems, we not only emulate Mother Nature, we do her one better, by making all aspects dialed in to near perfection.

All outdoor farms harvest once or twice a year, which means by the time Summer comes around, the quality of the hemp’s actives (terpenes and cannabinoids) has dropped significantly, and the risk of mold and pests becomes much more possible. The “biomass” ( the harvested hemp) may be compromised and extracted oil is probably not as potent. That’s not good.

We are always harvesting our indoor farm in Asheville, NC! Our perpetual harvest method means that we will always have fresh biomass, fresh oil, and the highest quality CBD products.

So make sure you educate yourself about CBD before you buy, so you can be an informed consumer!